California Wedding & Elopement Photographer

California Wedding & Elopement Photographer

I moved around a lot when I was growing up and one thing I disliked the most was starting a new school and getting asked to be the teacher to "stand up and tell the class a little about myself". Like most, I never knew what to say, and I’m sure I turned a couple of different shades of red trying to think of something to say. So, let me try now, my name is Jason Burns, I’m a photographer specializing in weddings and elopements based out of Southern California. I grew up with a love of the fine arts and explored them all from a very young age before finding photography in college and It’s been my life and passion ever since. Being a photographer has allowed me to meet some wonderful people and visit some of the most beautiful places all while doing what I love. I do feel very grateful that I can call this my career and to have the honor to capture these memories.

I’ve been told that I’m very easy to get along with and I feel that that has helped me over the years with helping people feel more comfortable in front of the camera, my goal is to make your day as relaxed and easy-going as possible while enjoying the time we all spend together and make sure that you have fun, and most importantly that you love your photos. Your wedding day is full of so many emotions and moments and since 2008 I've loved capturing every minute of them.

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I really thought no one would click on that arrow, well since you did here are some little things about me.

1) Born in California and lived between California and Washington growing up.

2) I use to work for The Mouse at Disneyland.

3) I'm a tea drinker....unless there's hot chocolate.

4) I'm always down for adventures and exploring new places.

5) Big Sur is one of my favorite places to visit.

6) I watch a lot of watching baking shows and even sometimes I attempt to bake.

7) Learned to paint happy little trees from Bob Ross.

8) Kinda of a chocoholic.

9) Parent of fur baby named Bennie, his photo is below.

10) Member of the Gryffindor House.

11) My best friend is also a wedding photographer.
12) Binge watcher of Netflix's, It helps me when I'm editing.

13) Sci-fi and fantasy are my favorite movie genres.

14) Team Marvel.

15) If you didn't guess I'm a bit of a nerd with a sweet tooth.

Big Sur Probably one of my favoite spots, reminds me of where I grew up in Washington State

For a quick get away I'm usually heading to vegas a couple times a year .

This is Bennie, he's lazy, a little crazy, loves to cuddle and is the best cat ever

Harry Potter, Dr Who, marvel, I like Pretty much
all things nerdy

Traveling and exploring new locations in one of my favotire things to do.

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